Starting working on Presley's skin tones

(asleep version) and here are my observations. I love the details in his hands and feet. I particularly like his feet and toes. I am still not so sure about his mouth. It has a lot of vertical lines in it and I have never cared so much for a lot of vertical lines on the mouth of a kit. I find paint wants to pool there giving the mouth a very unnatural look and one must work diligently to avoid that. Overall though the detailing is nice. My negative with this kit is the bland vinyl color. BB seems to have a vast array of shades that are known as peach vinyl and I find NO peach in this vinyl. I had read someone else commenting on another board about her realborn kit being colorless and I have to agree. I have been painting all afternoon on this guy and I am only just beginning to see a hint of life to this skin tone. I have a long ways to go. @bbsupport, @EmilyBB could we please just have a little more color to this vinyl in the future?