Started Ashley Awake


About 6 mottle & wash layers in no blushing yet…


Looking great!


It really is looking good. Your mottle seems to be so nice from the pictures.


@Jacelyn5440 thank you so much! I’ve been practicing for months, lol. I will say I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 10 and it takes AMAZING pictures. That is just daylight through the windows…


@Mommarobin thank you dear!!!


Looking really good! I have too. She’s one of my next kits to paint. I fell in love with her expression.


@RebornsbyCaro thank you!!! Her smirk is so cute, lol…


I’ve been thinking about getting that phone just for the camera


@jeepers it’s a fabulous phone. I’ve had the Galaxy 7,8 & 9 as well - they all had great cameras. This one is the best yet…


I love this baby, just a word of warning the eyes are a little hard to set if you go up a size. I like big eyes, so I struggled.


@Gabriell OMG you ain’t a kiddin’!!! I of course went up a size. Had to get a pair of dental surgeon scissors off of my friend, they have a bent tip. Had to cut and cut all kinds of extra vinyl. Then I’ll have to set and glue each one individually. :frowning: