Stalking etsy shops


Does anyone else find themselves stalking Angela’s premium mohair etsy shop I’ve managed to snag three different colors of mohair from her this past week and I’m wanting more but everytime I go on she’s always sold out and within a matter of minutes after she post new hair. I absolutely love her mohair. I’ve messaged her but have had no response I hope she post more hair soon so I can buy some more.


Do you have a link to her store? ETSY is telling me “We couldn’t find any results for AngelasPremiumMohair” or “Angelas Premium Mohair” or “Angela’s Mohair”, or any other possible alternative . I have links to some of her mohair from 2014, but cannot find her present shop. I am not shopping for mohair, have cupboards full of it, but as I am planning to start selling on ETSY, I find it worrying when I cannot find anything there.


I refresh it multiple times a day but I must just be missing it!


You’ve done better than me. I check all the time and it’s always sold out. I just ordered from Caroline and I hope I love it because she has more available more often. I love Angela’s though and will keep watching.



She had hair a few days ago again. I clicked off to check my bank account and by the time I went back to purchase, it was all sold out. I was like omg that was fast.


I have her shop as a favorite and check it regularly. Her hair is super I have tried a couple of other places and they don’t compare to hers.:heart_eyes:


Her store is always sold out so you have to be quick! She has beautiful mohair! My fave


I stalked her for so long there should have been Charges against me! Oy! No, I went on to buy from Golden Fleece as I needed to get my reborns done. But I do love her mohair! I got kid from GF and it is nice. I don’t understand why I look at Delta Dawn and never see prices. But, yeah Angela is always sold out for me.