St Patrick's Day sale @ Irresistables


Irresistables is having a St Patrick’s Day sale–17% off entire order, including sale items. Everything is on sale.Coupon code is LUCKY17. Only good until midnight tomorrow.


Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am hoping to order Sansa Lau from them!


I so wish I could! I hate having no money and also being in Canada. By the time I paid shipping any discount would basically be non existent because I would’ve paid the same as if I bought elsewhere with no discount but free shipping


Sansa is one of my favorites! I will say that her limbs were a different color from her head and very oily vinyl. I wrote to Irresistables, but never heard back, so I just dealt with it by sealing and color correcting the limbs.


Good to know, thank you! I am not going to be painting her myself as she is one of my dream babies and I want an experienced artist to paint her. I am hoping to get the full piece lower half. They also have Blossom Warner on sale who I have been eyeing as a purse-baby. Oh no, I’m, going to make poor decisions tomorrow, I just know it.


I am wondering if it’s because they have different options for limbs. May be the didn’t come together with the head?



I saw their email and I just hate when I order something and two days after it’s on sale :tired_face:


I think so. I chose the full limbs and they were the same limbs for both Sansa and Arya even though the prototypes for Arya sometimes showed different limbs. I got no answer to this inquiry either :confused: I don’t like ordering from them because of this, but I am giving them one more shot with Louisa, which I preordered for $10 ( as opposed to $20 with Macs) when money was super tight.


Did you get Sansa or another Tinky? I love your Tinky :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ve got another Tinky from them since the first one sold just in a few hours. I wanted one for myself, but contemplating to buy the 3rd one on 17th.


How did Tink turn out.


@babymaw Love her! And her new mom just in Wow! Here some pictures of her.

Sorry, ment to post URL to my album, but I didn’t work. So you can see it on


She’s soooo cute!


I have three kits in my cart totaling $175 (before the 17% off) right now. I can’t spend that much! Help! I put in Blossom Warner, Lilly Loo Winters, and Josie Leigh Burke. Bloom and Josie Leigh are both already on sale so I’m like…it’s such a good deal with the additional 17% but I REALLY want little Lilly Loo…and Sansa…and Charlotte at 1 year…this really is addicting, isn’t it?


It told me the coupon code was disabled!




So it still appears to not be working this morning. I just messaged Irrestibles but I don’t expect a response. Has anyone gotten the code to work?


It just worked for me.


worked for me… just bought my most expensive kit so far… Betty… Gulp!


I just went and looked. That’s a great price for Betty. I want her too. But I have no dolly money. I guess I’ll just leave it this way, if I sell a doll today, I’ll buy a Betty kit. If I don’t. I won’t. :woman_shrugging:t2: