SS package came today!

I got my Christmas package today!!! I also only got to open the top and peak I didn’t realize it was here till I was on my way out the door!!! Now it’s too late to get into it with the vervre that I want to have. I did see that there are many, many, many, packages inside!!! Numbered packages don’t you know! Since I am a little late getting started I get to open several tomorrow. Thus the need to have time to savor the moments. I did squeeze something that feels suspiciously like a little leg. Actually two little legs!!! I really want to salivate a little so I am waiting til tomorrow… Ahhh the anticipation!!! Thank you so much… I’m hoping your card has your name. I bet it does… Okay so maybe I need to sneek out of bed now. Yeah that’s the ticket…I’ll tell you tomorrow what I got ladies I got some sneeking around the house to do now…everybody is sleeping.

wow, sounds so exciting…but girlfriend…check the clock…it’s tomorrow already…hehehe…go for it

hey, did you stay up too long and now you can’t post cause you are sleeping in?! Just not nice. Lol
PS I’m chuckling at you squeezing your presents.

I’m backkkk!!! Okay since last we met…I was sneeking out of my room but I fell asleep instead, Then we had to leave very early for some Grammy duties and then…don’t ever fib… I fibbed to leave work early Friday to come home and paint. Said my legs and hip were acting up. Well, they were but not that bad. So while jumping out of the truck on Grammy duty I slipped in the ice and landed on my …yep the self same fanny that I said was acting up and now it really hurts so…I finally finally got to open the first few days of the Christmas package and guess what I found? For November there was a really cute green playsuit and for ME some wonderful body wash! THen there was a set of arms and a set of legs (I was right) and a cute cute little Guppy head from Secrist. Then the most adorable boy playset for premies and then a cute little stuffed lamby for my babies to sleep with and then a blankie with jungle animal on it…okay to breath now? MY secret sister is Denise from Neises nursery!! Thankyou so much for your great big heart and the time and trouble you’ve gone to for me. God Bless! I’ll keep the rest of you posted on my loot!!! Carolyn