How many of you have had success with making spit-bubbles out of the paper glaze? I spent last night experimenting with it…Let me tell you that is real luck, if you can get some and hopefully not burst before they completely dry! I did have some success, I jumped up this morning like a kid to see if they were still there. I love experimenting on anything to do with reborning these babies, and getting more realism with their looks.

I’ve had my best luck with larger bubbles if I wait till its really thick then blow a bubble into it with a syringe for insulin. (Tiny needle) Doesnot work everytime but have had some luck.

The tiny needle didn’t work for me. I tried that over and over with no luck, but I remembered a tiny eye dropper I had. I got it out and used it and after trying a few things using that, It worked!

I would like to try and make some bubbles, where and I fine a tiny eye dropper?

You can probably find them at a pharmacy or where they sell oils for scenting potpourri. There just tiny like 2/1/2 inches with very small opening. I know once I saw some at Hobby Lobby in the Scented Oil section of the soap making supplies. The idea is to pump air into the paper-glaze until it starts to form bubbles, then suck some of the glaze into the dropper, [holding it upright] squeeze out a little on to your painted lips. Good Luck!
Here are my results:

I did some small bubbles. All I did was take the pointed tip of the bottle cap off the paper glaze and swish it around a bit after I poured it in the mouth. A few small bubbles appeared so I decided to just leave well enough alone. They’re okay but I’ve seen better. Here is a pic of it. I thought it was not bad for my first try.

Foxmom, I think your baby looks really good with her spit bubbles. Good job especially on your first try. It’s been so long since I have seen a little baby, I’ve forgotten what it’s suppose to look like anyway! My children are all grown and the grandchildren are in their teens now.

Great pictures! I might try that myself.

Question on spit bubbles. I think they are adorable but do they interfere with a magnetic pacifier if one is used? The effect of the little bubbles is great but do you have to sacrifice one for the other?


Personally, I would not use the magnet pacifier, on a baby with spit bubbles. I don’t know how one effects the other, but some people use the paper glaze to paint on the lips as well. To me I don’t care for the overly shiny lips they just don’t look natural like a babies lips. The spit bubbles are fragile that look like those on my baby, so I would never use the pacifier, even if the magnet was covered with felt. JMO You could always check and see if your magnifier sits flush with the sculpts mouth first and then go from there on your spit bubbles.

Thank you,
Good suggestions. I’m working on open mouth Sofie by Denise Pratt and might try giving her some little spit bubbles since I won’t be using a magnetic pacifier.

Also, I don’t like the paper glaze on the lips either. It looks too shiney. I have had better luck with the air dry gloss. It looks more natural but still gives a soft sheen to the lips. Just wanted to share that one with you.

I agree with you on the lips. Have you ever tried the glazing medium with the pre-mixed BB Lips, nails, blush?
It makes beautiful lips and gives them a translucent look , soft color and not overly shiny , just a natural look.
That is what I usually use, Just mix them together and you can tweek the color with more touch or red #2 or blue to get a more mauve or rose color. There is only one problem the Air Dry Gloss, sometimes will not stick to this mixture on the lips, and will peel off.

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Thank you,
Good suggestions. I’m working on open mouth Sofie by Denise Pratt and might try giving her some little spit bubbles since I won’t be using a magnetic pacifier.

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I can’t wait to see your Sofie. I love that sculpt and I know a lot of people who do not like her at all. I think she’s adorable.

Won’t those spit bubbles get crushed easily? That’s why I don’t do them. All it takes is someone touching them and you have a messed up doll. JMO

Yes, the spit bubbles are very fragile if they protrude outside the mouth. Some will even collapse overnight
I have found. I think the only safe place to place the spittle would be inside the mouth where they are protected by the lips. You wouldn’t want to put them on an older sculpt either, they don’t look right to me. I was just experimenting with the paper glaze, that’s all, not suggesting that everyone should put it on their babies. It’s just like putting the magnets on babies, you never know who is going to end up with those babies and possibly have a pace maker or what, yet some still put those on pacifiers and inside the babies for realism. I have stopped using those myself. The thing that worries me is, paper-glaze is not made for coating the eyes, it’s used in paper crafting, scrap-booking, etc., what happens if somewhere in the future this stuff turns yellow and cracks… umm just a thought.