Spencer has a job

I recently sold Spencer and he arrived today at his new mommy’s house. She was so excitd with him that she used him already to model the hats that she knits.

Here’s his link–
http://www.etsy.com/listing/78550436/st … v1_other_2

Congratulations! And they say there aren’t any jobs for the youth of today! He’s off to an early start! And he looks so relaxed for his first day on the job!

DJ, you are too funny! Maybe a good work ethic will be instilled him!!

Oh good Kim…I love to see our babies used to model clothing. Maybe someone will ask her where her cute little model came from and you will get some custom jobs!!!

Oh awesome!! How wonderful to see your baby being enjoyed! He looks great!

Thanks, everyone. I’m doing Kate for the same lady.

What a life! Good for Spencer and you sure did an outstanding job on him!

— Begin quote from “kimomax”

Thanks, everyone. I’m doing Kate for the same lady.

— End quote

Oh awesome!

Love Spencer! Looks like he got a cushy job! LOL

Congrats on the sale and the publicity… the lady does some cute props too!!

Awesome, a model!!! Congratulations!!!