Special christmas order..please help me match--pretty please

I only have two weeks to get items ordered and baby made. Can you give me your opinion on who this baby looks like? I thought of Nils and Aubrey. would like a inexpensive match if possible.

To me, he looks close to these, sorry I can’t find any that were super cheap.

http://www.irresistables.com/product/25 … STOCK.html

http://www.irresistables.com/product/25 … K_NOW.html

http://www.irresistables.com/product/61 … STOCK.html

http://www.irresistables.com/product/61 … STOCK.html

http://www.irresistables.com/product/29 … VINYL.html

Morgan is a pretty good match. Lips nose and cheeks are great - and eyes are pretty close. Maybe with hair a little lower than the one on the BB page. I clicked on Morgan’s picturte and went down to the ninth one - with both hands in the air. That is more straight on and you can compare easier. With a more peaches and cream completion, I think it would look pretty close.

And of course you could probably have it by Wednesday!

thanks so much for the links. Those are some great matches! She is on a very limited budget and can’t afford one of the more expensive kits and I am just barely charging her labor. I might could swing teh ashley kit i think it was 69.00. does anyone see any others/

Yes adn I have a morgan in stock too. let me go check it out thanks so much!

I think Aubrey is a good match and in stock too.