Speaking of prices

We were, weren’t we?

I know we all want top dollar for our reborns. I mean we put our blood, sweat, and yes, sometimes even tears into each and every one.

BUT…trying to determine a price to sell it for boggles my mind. I mean, sure, my babies are just PRICELESS, one of a kind, perfection…ahem…RIGHT.

I guess I can’t see asking huge amounts of money for a BB kit that I paid less than $50 for, no matter HOW much work and effort I put into it. Not to mention the economy being what it is right now.

I do not begrudge any seller for getting $500, $800, or more ~ good for them and sign me up! Heck, I’d love it if just ONCE one of my babies sold for over $400…I think I’d pass out. Seriously. I’m usually lucky to get $199 or so. Someone once told me that by pricing our babies too low, we’re forcing the market value down. Well…I guess I’d rather sell mine that NOT sell them, so what’s a person to do? I won’t pay $100+ for a kit and then sell it for $199…but I can’t keep making babies and just let them sit here unsold, either. I’d soon be out of room. I like to make them, sell them, and make more.

I think that’s all ~ does anyone know what I’m saying? Not trying to start any arguments here; just interested in what you think.

Normally I can’t even afford the 50 dollar kits. And if my end profit is as much as the supplies, I feel I’m doing ok! Sure I would love to sell a baby for 400, 800, a grand…but for that I think the economy will have to get much better first!
Keep doing what you’re doing Karen, you make lovely babies!!

You make beautiful babies Karen. When I started out years ago I only sold my dolls for 100.00. Now years later with improvement I sell my babies for 300.00 up to 600.00. My next goal is to sale one for 650.00. Don’t know if I will make that mark but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

I think the economy has a lot to do with the bad sales. People are not willing to pay that much for these babies anymore. So hang in there it will get better and while you wait practice makes perfect.

i’d love to get 500 to a grand for my babies but you have to know the market. i try not to spend more then 30.00 including shipping for my kits…trust me it can be done i have more then 25 kits to prove it…all i can say is hit the sales hard …lol…anyway how i figure it is cost of supplies…now double that …so rosebud at 25 (this includes shipping ), 13 for her bodiy, 5 for body stuffing and 5 for an outfit === 58 + 58=118 …this is the bare minuium i could sell that baby for . now i round it up to 150 to get about 20% extra…old antique dealers formula double it and add 20%…do i try to get more …yes indeedy but again i know my market…most of my sales are person to person in my area…oh ya for that price you get painted hair or bald…sage

Karen, I totally understand what you are saying…that’s one reason I rarely buy the expensive kits unless they are a custom and prepaid. The only babies I have waiting to be made up that aren’t BB I bought when they were steeply discounted because they were closing out and down to the last few. BUT I also see some Bountiful kits being made by artists that aren’t necessarily the BIG names and they are selling for $300 plus.

Just last week we were talking about this in a round about sort of way. We discussed that everything we do or don’t do helps or hinders our sales. Our baby and the quality of course, the pictures and poses, and the auction and it’s appeal.

for instance: Julie Locke of CuteNCozy Nursery has been making BB kits but her pics look like professional infant photography prints. She really appeals to the ‘look and linger’ crowd. She gives people time to fall in love with her baby. I think someone should lead a Reborn Baby Marketing Lab.

I don’t think you should think your babies are worth any less because they are BB babies. A beautiful baby is a beautiful baby!!!

I understand- my tory is at about 160 in my shop now- he wont sell. hes been sitting around, id rather have the money back now than just have him sitting there. he was made to be sold. he is nice just no one wants him lol

Here’s my side of the story. I’m in a country that literary had no idea what reborns were until I started doing them (Kim will know that best since she and I have met on the first forum I’ve joined when I first started six months ago!). All of my supplies had to come from USA or GB. Which means - I’ve paid a fortune and a half just for shipping. Because, as you know, most kits don’t come with eyes or body slips (that means - two or more shipping charges to pay from the other part of the world!). More than once I’ve paid more than the price of the kit for shipping ($35-40 per box). Also, BB didn’t ship to Croatia until just recently (I’ve been very persistant for them to do so), and even then - shipping quotes are higher then ever, not to mention customs charges I had to pay for those. That is the main reason I cannot afford to sell my dolls for peanuts. I still am the ony one doing reborns in my region (which means - all the former Yugoslavian countries, not just my own). I’ve been on several national TV’s and daily newspapers with them. That sort of media interest should boost the chance to sell, right? Slowly, very slowly, people are getting used to the idea of having a keepsake doll, but there’s still a lot of work and promotion to do. That’s why I’ve decided that If I don’t sell them at the price I think is fair considering all the costs, I’ll keep them - simple as that. After all, I started doing that because I love it, not for profit.

The problem with space is yet another thing, I’ll think about it once they start falling out of my closet (getting really close to that!)

Maggie, your work speaks for itself…let her trash talk all she wants to, good work is good work ~ you don’t need to say a word.

I really feel that there are a LOT of very talented reborners right here on this forum. Ebay stinks and I know it’s a reflection of the economy. I love reborning so much that I don’t think I could ever give it up. Profit doesn’t matter as much to me as putting out quality babies to people who enjoy them and appreciate decent work when they see it. I was basically just wondering how it is that people decide on their prices; thanks for your input. I love it when we can have an open discussion.



Your Iris is darling! I love your pictures; you really brought her to LIFE!

Your Iris is darling. I think you have to be a FAMOUS artist to get those high dollar sales

I agree…FAMOUS!

The lady that Maggie is dealing with is a big part of the problem for all of us. Artists (and I use that term loosely) are putting ‘babies’ on ebay that are a very poor product and pricing them low and making all of the other babies looks way too expensive!!! Yes collectors know the difference but many just say “why is that one so expensive when I can get this one for less???” aaagggghhhhh!!!

And maybe if Melissa and Evon keep doing the BB new sculpts and re-doing the old sculpts it will validate that these babies are worth looking at for purchase.

It seems that the clearer and more interesting (poses and back ground) the pictures are the sooner and more profitable the sales are. I usually end up editing the pictures several times and it does seem to increase the number of views and watches I get. Sometimes I have even changed the auction picture. The page the doll is listed on makes a big difference as to the number of views and watches it will get. When my reborns are listed on ebay, they are initially placed on page 40. Eventually they make it to page 1 or 2 on the last day but sometimes that is a little too late. I get many more views and watches during that time but it doesn’t give much time to increase the auction price of the reborn. It also doesn’t seem to make much difference whether it is a 3 day sale or a 5 day sale. The other thing I have noticed is starting the auction price low will usually get the bidding going. But you have to be careful with that as I have seen some beautiful dolls sell way under what they are worth. I have generally had to list 3-4 times before I get a reasonable sale of $225-$250. After deducting expenses for kits, clothes, mohair, ebay fees, and paypal fees it turns out to be alot less reasonable than I thought. It will drop the net profit to about $170. Now if I figure out my hourly wage, it would probably be minimum wage. So it basically comes down to: this art is a labor of love until you master the art of selling.

I’m new and have only 4 dolls behind me so I haven’t tried selling. I think it would upset me to have potential buyers critique my babies, and haggle on price…right now I’m too attached to them, but I can see when the day will change and I’ll want to have other people enjoy them as much as I do, which means selling–I wouldn’t give them away unless it was a family member. (Karen, Sophia is beautiful…I’d love to have her as a BB! She’d be my keeper!) I wish I knew someone who lives around here who also does this because other people just don’t understand how I’m so swept up in it! Some of the reborns on Ebay—well, I’d be embarassed if it was mine. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

DITTO Rhonda!!

— Begin quote from “Brat247”

ive had my Iris listed 3 times now with no bids…this will be my lsst time listing her, ive reduced the price for the final time…dont understand it either…I see some going for over $1000 so not sure if its the economy or what http://www.ebay.com/itm/260980151935?ss … 1586.l2649

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Maybe taking different pictures may help. Sometimes I do that and the baby sells.

Brat 247 - Congrats… looks like she sold for $325.00!!!