Sounds weird but its MY custom lol

so ive been thinking about getting a custom done for myself. i have done 2 reborns of my own, but everyone else’s seem to be better lol. so i am debating whether to indulge myself or save the money. im leaning towards indulging lol.

so now im thinking of the kit i want. ive done BB kits and love them, but for my custom im thinking a pricier kit is what i want. i dont know if i want to do a cutesie wootsie kit like barry or one that means something. i have been looking at kits for quite a while now and just started thinking about me and my fiance. i was told i could never have biological children because of female things so i thought maybe this baby could be a mix of both of us. he thinks thats a good idea too lol. so now i need help with kits that resemble both of us. i know i know…its hard to think of a kit that mixes our features. but i thought it might be fun to see what you wonderful ladies come up with

IMO the angelina kit by regina swailkoski cause they both have large wide eyes.

this ones to show his hair color when he was younger



kids looks are so unpredictable,lol. my 4 year old is a dead ringer for my cousin, pics of them at the same age looks like identicle twins!
my daughter actually looks like my hubby and the funny thing w/ that is that he is her step dad,lol and my 1 year old looks like my daughter at that age:)

you can always do 2 reborns, 1 like you and one like your b-friend. or just pick your favorite kit and have it done:)

thanks for all the advice! im still going to think about it some more. if all else fails i will keep an eye out on the forums and ebay till i find a baby that pulls at my heart strings

He kinda reminds me of: … STOCK.html

thanks number 318. i have never seen that kit before. it does have his eyes

and thanks to BrendaT too. most people that know us say we are weird together, but its love lol