Sorry, I disappeared

Okay, so I did, and I am sorry. But I am back! It’s been years since I have posted. So long, in fact, that I didn’t even remember my username. My newest little “creation” came in July and even before that, pretty much controled my reborning. I didn’t dare take any chances on using the paints or anything. I have just recently finished a doll, and had to look up some advice. By the way, Thanks. Can’t remember which posts helped or I would go back. Anyway, Glad to be back and hopefully can help someone out the way I was.

Here is my masterpiece. Alexander Thomas Born July 14th

and my most recent reborn… Rebecca Rose

Welcome back its pretty quite but I’m sure it will be back to being noisy again lol. sherrie

welcome back,

Your baby is beautiful!! Your reborn is too.

Thank You Everyone! Alex is my second child. My oldest is A.J. and he just turned 15 yrs old. It’s been a little while since I had to do the long nights and such…LOL. I don’t remember it being so much work, or maybe it was just so much easier when I was younger. It takes me forever to do a reborn now, and I have 2 pre-orders to do, and many kits I just want to. I just have to figure out when I will get the time. Maybe about 15 yrs from now? LOL