Soooooo......Caleb and Rosebud?

Are they considered preemie-sized or micro-preemie? I’ve been Googling babies till I can’t look at one more tonight.

Okay, thanks Katy! You might have saved me from going cross-eyed tonight.

Here is a link that might help.

In my opinion, both are more full term babies in looks rather than either preemie or micro-preemie…they are more miniatures, in that true preemies have very long thin limbs, no real body fat etc. But they sure are cute!!!
Hugs, Barb

I can’t wait to see Caleb; he’ll be here soon…right now I can’t even imagine how little he must be. I’m so excited!

I would say caleb is a micro- preemie. He is 14 inches long only 1 more inch then Jacob. I am in the process of reborning Jacob and he is VERY small. 13 inches to be exact. He will only be able to fit into a micro- preemie outfit. Preemie outfits that you would buy at a store, would probably be too big for Caleb. I just finished Ruben by Carol Kinsely and he is 14/15 inches long and the preemie clothes I purchased for him a are a little big. He has long straight legs though, which makes it easier for him to fit into a preemie sized out fit. Im not sure what calebs legs look like. If they are bent, it will probably be harder to find an outfit that would fit him unless it is micro preemie.

I’ve always seen on other sites the “toy” dolls described as micro…like around 10 inches or less…more of a toy for a child than for reborning. Plus, they definitely do not look like preemies or newborns; the proportions are way off. Take a look at the small dolls at the bottom of the BB Gallery page; those are toys for little girls, maybe for a girl to paint a baby along with Mom.