Sometimes it's good to be bad

And ladies I have been really bad.
I did not know this reborning causes frenzied fevered behaviour. Not only have I been hitting the BB kit sales but also just this week Bonnie & Bella Villanova showed up in my mailbox, I found Woodland Fae & ordered three for triplets (they will be forever babies so it’s justified lol) and I signed up for the Jack Yarie Class. Now a certain lady (I won’t mention names) has convinced me I NEED this certain convection oven.
I have a separate little bank acct just for PP and the sweet little teller just knows what I am there for everyday when I pull up to add funds.
Well, as Skipper says “Just smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave.”

soooo, someone please tell me it’s not just me! Lie if you have to.
Don’t judge me now, I’m baring myself to you! Lol.

***FYI I have been selling things to pay for them (mostly). LOL. Out with the old, in with the new…

PS if you got my name in the swap for the $80 and you decided to do a Woodland Fae don’t worry, quads are better than triplets lol. I don’t care what I get. I don’t own a reborn from someone else yet and I can’t wait! You could reborn me a teletubby and I’d be happy.

that is to funny and yet so true,I think at one point we all get bit by that one perticular Reborn bug, can be a mean little bugger sometimes, when late one night you walk inot your dolly area and see just how many you really have and then enter yourself into therapy, well just so you know therapy doesnt work dont waste the money ,just buy another kit…lol

Thank you!
I was starting to feel kinda bad. All those views & no one responds…I was feeling kind of bad.
maybe I shouldn’t have told.

Reborning is better than professional therapy and as expensive as it is, probably still cheaper. Plus it’s much much more fun! I don’t really have a dolly area. My stuff is all over the kitchen table and all over in my bedroom. Hubby has to move dolly parts, pieces, boxes, bags etc. just to get in bed I do keep most stuff in boxes but sometimes it finds it’s way out. (Don’t know how that happens) But he doesn’t mind. Someday I’ll have a dolly room too.

Girl you are so not the only one!! I have been told “no more kits” until I make and sell what I have. This happened after I pre-ordered welcome back Taylor with out asking first Oops! Hubby is right though so I guess I need to get cracking cause I my want list is very long

girl…you have been “bitten”…the only way out is more dolly therapy…Once it gets in your blood, there’s no cure…you just have to go into your dolly room, and rub bald heads and limbs several times a day and it’ll make you feel so much better…sometimes if you sniff the vinyl, it offers a quick fix too…anyway, welcome to the most exciting addiction…just don’t worry about it…bake two babies and call me in the morning…roflmao

Ok I feel better. Thanks you guys! I really have been bitten. It’s funny because three yrs ago my mom gave me a berenguer and said I should reborn it. I thought she wad crazy after I looked at what reborns were. There was no way I could do it. She put it in my mind and I looked at that doll every day for three years because it was sitting out. I finally made her take it back home & then I stumbled onto this site and thought hey I should try that. The doll was back in Minnesota so I had to buy a kit and then I don’t know what happened after that.

And Carolyn you are no help at all lady. Lol. Ummm so it’s ok I have rubbed bald baby heads & limbs and sniffed vinyl and occasionaly talked to dismembered heads? Whew. Good to know!


that’s why I get up and go to my J-O-B every day…otherwise I wouldn’t have dolly dollars to feed my addiction!

Dont worry you are not the only one with dolly addiction.
I just worry that Ill have too many dolls to reborn when Im ready to move on to another hobby like say penuckle or painting kittens on pink sweatshirts. How about making angels out of folded reader digests and spray paint them silver? are you too young to remember that craze? How about covering plastic fruit with sequins on pins?

See there are worse things to do with your time.

Cant wait to see all your finished babies.

I know the feeling.

That’s funny. What’s wrong exactly with painted kittens on pink sweatshirts!? Lol
well I’m 38. . I think I can remember. Lol. You know I do miss the big old ceramic kittens playing with balls of yarn. Anyone remember? They were sets of three and one was laying on it’s back. They were cuties. I think the sweatshirt thing made me remember lol.

Ok here’s the bad thing. I’m on baby number two. TWO. Why do I have so many kits already? It can’t be normal.

Someone should start a new post asking everyone to count their kits that aren’t done yet, including any on order. Not me! I’m not that brave. But I might answer if other people did. Lol.

— Begin quote from “ggbdolllover”

that’s why I get up and go to my J-O-B every day…otherwise I wouldn’t have dolly dollars to feed my addiction!

— End quote

Me too!!! Wish I could stay home and paint babies all day!


This is to funny…I know I have the same problem. Glad I have a JOB to pay for them. Since you asked, I have done 3 reborns so far and have 10 at home to do and 1 in the mail. There I am not afraid to tell


Thank you Louise! That was the first step! Lol

I have 3 kits … none of which I have touched. I haven’t got brave enough to try painting so they are safely stored away in a box.

Nicole if you go to your local Salvation Army you can probably pick up some of those classic ceramic class favorites. Little kids with heads the size of cantalopes holding a kitten or a bat and ball. You might even find gramma’s painted elves. Wow those things are so awful. Why you can even find those painted sweatshirts.

I keep a notebook with all my reborning things in it. I think everyone should have one.

A page for whole kits, 1 for parts, 1 for eyes and lashes, 1 for heads.
Listing their names and sizes and colors.

I am reborning 2 heads and 3 kits right now at the same time.
Just finished my donation baby bountiful angel Lilly.
Just popped Ben in the oven and I am so chilly Im thinking about joining him.

Oh Kimm! You must get those poor babies out soon! I know you can do it. You’re a creative woman!
Which kits are they?

Hello, my name is Natalie and I’m a rebornaholic. I have completed 6 dolls and I now have 8 kits. I watch for the mail to arrive each day so that I can snatch up the BB package and hide it before anyone can see it. I can’t help it. It’s those darn DOTD! I swear it’s not my fault, it’s Bountiful Baby’s fault that I have an addiction!

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Which kits are they?

— End quote

I have no clue, it’s been a while since I looked at them; I received them in trades

What am I getting in to!!!