Someone has got to know the answer

Okay I posted this question in BBaby talk but got no response. Can you put a head in the oven that has already been rooted AND glued? THANKS!

I am not sure aobut the glue, but i read that if you put mooisturizer alot of it on the hair and wrap it good in a towel so it doesnt fry out,it will be ok…again I am** not **sure aobut the glue…

Thanks joa44. I really do appreciate your response!!! I’m not sure about the glue either,but I’ll keep trying to find an answer.

Well I just did it. I used gem tack glue for the hair. I had a spot under the chin to touch up. I just wet down a washcloth and put it on her head. Good luck

Oh good. I used the same glue, so if it worked for you I’ll try it. I just didn’t want to risk ruining her. Thank you soooo much!!

Natalie I use e6000 and I’ve put them in the oven with a wet towel on the hair. With no problem.

hugs Tina

I have used a heating gun and it was OK.

yep i agree either comb hair through with a wet comb or use a wet towel or cloth on the hair whilst it is in the oven and you should have no probs,i have had to do this twice without a hitch.

  best wishes,

mod-pog with stood baking as well!