Some advice for getting smaller rooting holes

I’ve just started using a 42 guage forked needles and love them, obviously the advantage to using a 42 gage needle is that the “rooting hole” or plug is virtually nonexistent, the down side is that you only catch 2 or 3 strands per “punch” so it adds several hours to your rooting time so I only use then on smaller heads. Luckily I find rooting therapeutic so the extra time it takes doesn’t bother me.
For larger heads I use 40 gage needles. I have a heat gun that I use to cure paint in small areas and have found that if I have rooting holes that I think are too big, I make a VERY QUICK run over the head with the heat gun and then apply some pressure with my hands until the head cools. I think the heat helps to seal the vinyl around the hair.
Be careful though, the heat gun can get up to around 400 degrees so if you hold it in one place longer than two or three seconds it might melt the vinyl.
Let me know how it work for you!

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Do you blow the heat gun inside the head or do you blow the outside of the head? If it is the outside does it hurt the hair?

I can promise that my heat set gun WOULD damage that hair if it didnt singe it to bits !!!Wow I would never try a heat set gun on a rooted head of hair -are you saying that you do it on the inside or to seal holes if you pulled out the hair or do you have a special trick that keeps the hair safe -my heat set gun would totally ruin the hair !!!

I would be scared to do that…I used a heat gun to set another layer of color on my babies lips after it was already rooted, and it singed all the eyelashes off…not a good idea at all…

if you want to close up the holes after you are done rooting, you can condition the hair really well, then wrap the head in a wet dishcloth…heat in oven for 8 minutes on 265 and all the holes will close up around the mohair

I think if you switched to the ultra fine 42g (One Barb) rooting needle you would not have a problem. This needle roots like the forked needle but is finer and picks up only one or two hairs at most. I got mine at BB but after checking I don’t see them now. These are the needle I’m talking about, even with the blond hair you hardly see a hole( always use the heated rice sock) to keep hole small. I use to use the forked German needle but found these just as useful, and you’re rooting will be thin. … 858wt_1020