Solving my baby woes


Some of you may remember how anxious I was to get Elly Knoops’ new molds, Bella and Sadie. Well you know Belly went belly-up in the trash can and I have been stewing over “Sadie, the sad” for some time now. I was rooting her and she just looked worse. So I started Stoete’s newer mold, Lulu. I had them both on the rooting table and seeing as they both were blonds, was constantly trying to keep their hair separate. The other night my husband walks by hearing my mutterings and said–looks like a boy to me! I have never made a boy baby, but cut his hair shorter and put a baby boy outfit on him and–he looks less bad! I have to do his eyelashes yet and out he goes–anywhere! I will get a picture of him after he gets his lashes on. Whew—what a relief!


Can’t wait to see photos Jean!


I cant tell you how many times I’ve had a baby change genders from what my intentions were…sometimes they just want to be the opposite sex, no since fighting it!

I bet he is a cutie, cant wait to see what you did


Hi, is this the one you meant? I didn’t hear. what happened? I just
had mine shipped. Please let me know. rosemarie


Jean when you say you threw the baby in the trash it gives my heart a jolt please dont do that send that funky babys head to my house and I’ll give it a good home I dont care how ugly it is.

What happened to make your babies so hard to do?
Cant wait to see him all finished he probabley is very cute.


I didn’t throw the whole baby–just her head. Put it in a walmart bag so my husband wouldn’t get freaked. These two molds are just downright ugly and that is putting it nicely. There have been NONE listed on ebay since they came out quite some time ago. Bella looked like a bulldozer ran over her face and I tried every trick in the book to ease it out–hot and cold water, stuffing the head and heating it, etc. and I spent more time on her–until I just gave up. Now I don’t like to waste money so was determined to get this second one right. It is some piece of work, I’ll tell you and I should have returned them both but waited so long just felt I could do something with them. Well one is almost done and that takes care of prepaying for any molds for me for a while. I have to glue the inside of his hair (do this twice) and be sure it is good and dry then will put the head on the already dressed body! Then it will be picture time.


Jean, is that head the belle jane head from Knoops? was it bad enough
when it came so you knew? I am waiting for mine and hoping I got
this wrong.


Knoops head


Yes, I am sorry to say she kind of resembled a bulldog. I hope yours is not bashed in but kind of think they are all the same. Let me know when you get her and remember one thing–you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Good luck. Jean


I sure will let you know. I will return if it is like yours… sad because I think
the company she is with is not good.


Here was my Bella Jane by Knoops. I thought that she was pretty cute. But she was a hard sculpt to reborn.


I am getting her and have been a bit worried.


My Bella has such a smooshed-in face that I should have returned her but felt it would be a challenge to try to make her presentable. It didn’t work. The Bella pictured looks good. But she is not an easy baby to do. My other one has a crooked mouth and eyes not the same so he is another challenge. Finally he is done. I am not sure what to do with him.