SOLD! Thank you!


75 free shipping in the USA


28 jars @ $5.36 a jar. What size jars please & are they unopened? I realize I haven’t allowed any cost of shipping to be figured in as I have no idea how to estimate that cost Thank you!


They’re opened but most of them are unused. I only painted a couple babies before realizing it just wasn’t for me. The bigger group are the the regular sized ones and the smaller group are the trial sizes I believe.


Still available


You might want to lower your price and list specific colors if you want them to sale. My math has them figured at about $146 brand new at BB. $7.50 shipping would put them slightly higher than your price. But I think people would rather spend the $5 extra to get brand new and be able to pick their colors.


Lowered price. Working on list. :slight_smile:


Have these sold yet and did you finish the list ? I have a cousin who wants to start reborning.


If you do not find a buyer I would be happy to do a trade. Just PM me if you are interested


If these have sold, there is also another lot listed that might still be available @crystal_s @Reefbubbles


These have not sold yet, I’m just about to post it.


1/2 Oz.

  • Flesh 7 Full
  • Flesh 6 Full
  • Flesh 3 Full
  • Flesh 3 Half Full
  • Flesh 8 Almost Empty
  • Yellow Full
  • Warm Blush Full
  • Pyrrole Red Half Full


  • Ethnic Brow Full
  • Flesh 4 Full
  • Flesh 7 Full
  • Genesis Vein Blue Full
  • Warm Blush Full
  • Flesh 2 Full
  • Nail Tip Full
  • Genesis Baby Skin Full
  • Eyelid Purple Full
  • Flesh 8 Full
  • Genesis Lip Blush Nail Full
  • Nail Tip Full
  • Genesis Baby Skin Half Full
  • Brow Brown Full
  • Flesh 8 Full
  • Warm Blush Full
  • Flesh 2 Half Full
  • Flesh 5 Full
  • Flesh 2 Full
  • Genesis Creases Full
  • Matte Varnish Almost Empty


I have lots of other things to reborn with too. Let me know if they’re looking for anything else and I’ll see if I have it. :slight_smile:


Thank you I will try and get i touch with her.


Does the price include shipping


How much for the small only?


Are these available? I’m interested