Sold/shipped to new mom


Sold ty


I am open to offers and 2 kit trades From bb newer kits . Try me


She is sooo sosososo cute!! Love her little face!!!1


Thank you


She is a cutie. I love her pink little nose!


Ty she is available. 145.00


What a cutie! :0)


Ty. I’m needing funds ladies 125.00 takes her!


last call 110.00 includes shipping!!! she will come with her outfit and a blanket only.last reduction on this cute,cute baby.






100.00 kit cost basically


Darn wish I the money for her! Just love her to pieces!
Such a snuggly face.
Would u trade a few bb kits for her?
She would a keeper for me.


$50 plus 2 kits?


Sure pm me


Got more pics? Legs and arms and ears? Thanks!


Pmd you pics


Will send more pics gladly if anyone is interested pm me. She is still available


I don’t know what’s wrong w her:( but someone give her a new home please


There’s nothing wrong with her. I would love to have her if I had the funds.