Sold my first

I sold my first baby and thought I would share and wondered about your first experience doing this. This was a face to face sale. The little girl whom it was purchased for has already bonded with her. I had 3 in truck for her mom to choose from and we decided the best thing was to let her choose it. So this is what I did. I told her I needed help taking my babies “inside to show off band would she help me carry them in.” I told her if she wanted she could carry them around one at at time and show them off for me. She instantly bonded with 2 of them and after much cuddling, and holding and hugging, it was time to put them back in the truck. I asked her which was her favorite and she firmly told me which she wanted if she were going to be able to have one one day. So her mom purchased the doll and the bed I had made to fit her. I do not have to worry if her new Mommy will be happy with her Christmas morning. I would hate to know my babies went to some who would not love them as much as I do.

Congrats!! Way to go!!!
Hugs, Barb

Thank you so much I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their first experience?

The girl is a 7 year old who takes very good care of her babies. She is so careful that she got a baby last year for Christmas and I made the statement her box would make a very good bed for her since it is just her size and she still has that cardboard box she uses as a bed and there is no tape holding it together. /thank you for sharing with me. It made it easier knowing she would be loved for sure. Good luck on the doll club, that sounds like fun having someone close to you with the same interests. I have yet to find anyone around me.

My first sale was at a doll show and it was a berenguer who I had named Gabby the lady got her and 4 outfits for $90-I still miss that lil cutie !!!

Thank you for sharing Cher I just love berenguer babies

Congrats on your first sale! Can you just imagine how thrilled that little one will be on Christmas morning???! What a wonderful story; thanks for sharing with us!

My first sale was on eBay and I was a WRECK until baby was delivered safely…whew!!! That was over 9 years ago, and I still get butterflies when I pack up a baby and send it out. Thankfully, in all the time I’ve been sending them off, to all corners of the world, UPS has only lost ONE…and that baby was only going as far as Omaha, which is just 2 hours from here. Go figure.

Congratulations. What a wonderful gift for that little girl and for you, also. There is a young girl (she’s 9) that lives in my area. She has 5 of my babies and is a wonderful “mommie” to them. I just surprised her with a 14" Berenguer for Christmas. Seeing her face light up was PRICELESS.


Great job! I am sure this little girl with be sooo happy!