Sold! - A few things and two kits


I’ve sold most of my stuff but here’s the rest I have left. I’m unable to make babies anymore because of my physical issues.

I’ve got two bountiful baby kits. The Honey kit has like two layers of air dry paint on her and will strip easily. The Savannah kit is untouched. I have a pair of blue eyes. Joint sockets. Two bodies one with zip ties and one with threads. Two things with mohair. Blond curly hair and dark brown kid mohair. I also have an unopened baby comb and brush set and numerous prisma colored pencils I used for eyebrows. Oh I have some glass weighting beads too. Very very small fine ones. Oh and a pillow for rooting! I would love to just sell all this in a box for $20 plus shipping. I really just need the money and want to get them to a good home. This is the rest of the stuff I own for reborning so there might be a few other things as I organize my craft room

Sorry for the sideways pics my phone and I are having issues


Everything is pending! Just got to get a shipping estimate for the person :slight_smile:


If the person finally dont want it, I am interrested.


Ok! I will put you in line if she decides the shipping quote is too high or something :slight_smile:


If for some reason the other two people fall through, I’m also interested! :blush:


Welcome back if even for a brief moment. I was worried about you. Hope all goes well for you. My prayers are with you!
I will keep watch to see if you have anything else as I missed out this round. Please PM me if I can be of any assistance to you. Good Luck!


Thank you! I honestly wasn’t sure if people would mind if I stuck around if I didn’t make babies. I do still have 1 and I plan to get one or two more in the future for myself :slight_smile: My daughter still has the baby I made her also LOL


We are all here because we love babies. Glad you are sticking around!


I will definitely :slight_smile:


SOLD! The box is shipping out tomorrow :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness you are amazing. Thank you so much. I am so lucky to have seen this post before others did. I just received the box. So many things for so little money. Thank you so much. I was so exited to opened and find all the things. :hugs:


YAY!! I’m so excited it got to you ok and that you love everything! That makes me so happy!!


Yes!!! It came today at 9 am and lucky me I was home. I couldn’t believe all the things that were in the box. When you first post this I started reading and stop after I read 2 kits and. I was like 2 kits and more for $20 nothing can beat that. I didn’t even saw the rooting pillow, the plug or the pencils. I was about to order pencils to try painting hair with pencil, but thankfully I didn’t buy them. Now I have so many to choose from. I was a little hesitant at first because I had bought stuff from here before and was desapointed at the end. I was worry about cigarette smell because I didn’t ask you, but the price was so good that I didn’t care. :joy: thank you again, but it makes me sad that you sold you stuff because you would not be reforming anymore.


I’m so glad you love it! I’ll just enjoy life collecting babies! Maybe I’ll buy one from you in the future! I love your babies! :slight_smile:

Yes no smoke. Just cats lol


Maybe that is why my cats didn’t stop smelling the things. I thought it was because the mailman always makes it smell like cigarette.
Let me know whenever you interested in one of my babies :wink:


I will definitely! And yes lol the cats probably smelled my kitties. Mine are nosy and like to sniff stuff I get too lol


My girls love playing with anything that is new.