SOLD! 5 New Diaper Sets


Just finished sewing these 5 different diaper sets. They will fit 18"-22" Price is $22 plus $3 to ship in the US. ask for shipping cost to other countries. Flowers are pinned on and if you would like a different flower like what is on one of the other hats let me know and I can change it. Also you can get different colored pins. I also have enough fabric to make matching sets or a smaller size.

Gorgeous sets. Would love to get a custom from you soon.


I would love to do a custom for you. Just pm me when you are ready.

Hi, I know you are working on a body for me. I will need another. this one is for an 18 inch
with 1/4 vinyl arms and 3/4 vinly legs. I would like a outfit like those you have here. they
are really cute. I like the flower kind ,not too bright. they will need a sleeve and enough
leg to cover the cloth part. Please let me know the total and if you haven’t mailed yet
they can just come together. thanks, rosemarie