Soft glass eye insertion.....?


I just bought some Masterpiece soft glass eyes from someone and am wondering if you really have to insert them the way it says on their site…it says you need to insert elastic thread into them and use it to hold them in place while the glue dries and sounds kind of complicated! Has anyone used these eyes and is this really necessary or is there another way that works? Also, if I do have to poke a needle through the white of the eye will it not leave a mark in the eye that could show? Thanks for any help!


I’ve used them and love them. I think they are a bit smaller than the regular polyglass so sometimes I use a bit of cotton in the back of the eye to hold them more firmly, other than that you can just sqeeze them (they are pliable like the vinyl is) and they pop right in the socket.


Do you put them in from the back or front? Thanks!


I put them in right through the front. They are squishy so you don’t have to worry about ripping the vinyl. If your kits eye slits are very small, you can heat the head to increase the pliablity and bend the eyes right in that way too.
Also, I think they look much more lifelike than the polyglass too, even when you are looking are up close and in pictures.