So very quiet

Someone told me that the ROSE show was a very small show this year but many are selling out in first 2 hours. So it sounds like a success. Things are sure quiet here right now. I am still trying to work my way through the too many silicone kits I bought! LOL! On my last day off I spent the whole day washing and prepping kits again that had been in storage. I also opened the eyes and mouth on this little kit that I won from Bobbi/Truborns. He has a bit of a disgruntled face. LOL He is Nicholas by Irina Kondrashova. Partial silicone kit for baby 13" long with full arms and legs. He is poured in eco flex 20 and is a Limited edition of 20 kits worldwide.
He has great legs and feet with wonky toes on one foot.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 7.37.10 AM

Stock photo
Screenshot 2022-06-22 1.07.30 PM


Wow that baby has a heavy brow bone. Interesting.

It is super quiet here. I hope everyone is having a good time at the show.

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Yes, he is a frowner! I have looked and cannot find any completed versions of him for inspiration. The ones listed on Truborns as protos are not that pretty to me. One of them looks like they used too large eyes on him or did not cut the sockets deep enough. His sockets are a bit tricky. It says he uses 13mm eyes. I got 14mm ovals and cut the sockets a bit deeper then filled them back in to smooth over and make the eyes sit the way I have them. I ended up going back and filling in a little silicone on the outer eye crease area to make them not so wide (hard to explain). I will also put some silicone behind them and adjust them more when I actually install them. It took me 2 tries to figure out how to closely match the silicone Angela pours in. I ended up using some Silc Pigments brown mixed with flesh and white to get pretty close to the color. It wasn’t till I added in some brown I was able to get it close.


He is interesting looking. Please share finished pictures. I would love to see how he turms out.


What a cutie pie!

I think he’s a cute sculpt Angie, can’t wait to see him all finished.

Nicholas looks peeved that you are pulling on his lips!

Ha! I expect him to start screaming any day now!

I like him. He has character.

I think he is going to be fun!

What a cute baby :heart_eyes: