So near and yet so far...ROSE woes

I gotta say, I’m impressed with my dad’s newfound chill mood lol. I gathered up the courage to ask him about me going to the ROSE show and instead of the ‘oh heck no’ I was expecting he was really nice about it. He even said I didn’t need to worry about raising the money myself. He said money wasn’t the issue. . And I was getting so hopeful and then he mentioned the real issues for him. Safety.

It’s very likely that this year, like all the years before, my dad is going to make a trip to China just about when ROSE happens. So he asked me, ‘who’s gonna go with you?’ I say ‘mom.’ He goes, ‘OK, what about your brother and the dog? Who’s gonna take care of them?’ Well, mom. So she might not be able to go with me to the show. And I can’t travel that far alone. Oops. Guess I might not be going after all. :sweat_smile:

I mean, I did come a lot closer to the impossible than I thought I would. I guess all I need now is a fairy godmother who will fly on an airplane 1.5 thousand miles across the US with me and take me to the ball…I mean doll show. One can dream… :slight_smile:


Don’t you have any relatives who could go with you or stay with your brother so your mom can go?

They’re all in China. :sweat_smile: My only hope is I meet a dolly friend who passes by my town or lives near me that’s going to ROSE too. I’m in central IL…

I can’t help you there. I’m in California.

Haha yeah, I know. :slight_smile: seeing pictures will be super fun though!

PMd you. Izzy.


Got it. :slight_smile:

Bless your heart sweetie. I understand your dads fears. And somehow I don’t think he will let you go with a strange “doll friend” either, Which is a smart move on his part. I just wish there was someone that could stay with your brother so you and your mom could go.


I’m hoping my neighbors could take care of the dog. And my bro’s friends could let him stay for a weekend. But who knows if the neighbors will be on vacation and my brother’s friends might move before then. Fingers crossed!!!