So I ordered....GOT THEM

Spencer and Camryn off the sale today. I think Spencer is that new pale vinyl color so we will see what I think of it.
I have been wanting that baby a while now though. I also needed a sculpt for an open eyed boy and I think Camryn will work good for that.

I am going to be starting on a baby girl from the Camryn sculpt after my twins Gena and Gabriel are finished. My Daughter in Law picked him out for her. I have been very good about the sales and so far have not purchased anything. This week anyway…BB keeps me broke thats for sure…

I got my kits today and love the sculpts but they are that horrible gray colored vinyl. I don’t know why in the world BB just doesn’t stick to the old peach vinyl and leave it be.

There are a variety of methods that work, as mentioned here. I, like a few others, like the light neutral peach. It is a color that has challenged many to use their color skills. I find it very easy and versatile to work with. If I want a certain shade, I do may base coats according to that. I suggest trying some of the methods that people have been sharing.

I was planning to use these kits to reborn some Simply Baby line babies which are my budget line babies that are not as heavily painted. I think I can work around it though.