So here is my irylen I didn't finish on time for the challenge lol

So here she is. Just took some quick pics to show you all. I think she’s cute I love her limbs. I know it took me long enough. Between just life in general an not having the correct rooting needles she was a challenge for me. Oh an her eyelashes are not right. I tried rooting them but I didn’t have it at a good angle so you could see hairs in front of her eyes . I hate gluing them in I’m gonna have touch them up when I get sometime to myself. Saturday will be the first day off in over 2 months an all I wanna do is reborn my babies.


She’s a cutie!

Yeah I’m not sure what I think of her yet. Lol

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She’s cute! I love her in the first outfit. Too bad you missed the challenge but I’m sure she’ll sell. :smile:


She’s really cute! I love the little socks

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Very cute!

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She’s adorable. Wish she had been part of the competition. Love your work.

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I’m glad you got her done. She’s cute.

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Very cute. She’s worth the wait to see. All the little Irelyns seem to be selling pretty well. The customer who bought mine just loves her. So I’d say our comptetition was a big success. I hope Celeste does as well.