So Bummed :(

I just have to vent. I made a custom 12 inch doll and put together a lot of cute clothes and accessories. The lady saw pictures of everything in detail and agreed that she wanted all of it (which I sold CHEAP considering all the time and effort I put into all of it - it’s for her little girls Christmas so I went all out). Well she received everything and likes the doll but said none of the clothes fit…I KNOW they fit because I tried EVERYTHING on the doll before I shipped (and even showed pictures of some of the outfits on the doll). She was really nice about it but wanted to know how we could fix the problem. I’m SO BUMMED! I put so much time and care into it to make it special and I really think she just changed her mind, not to mention she said she found someone who can make doll clothes for her… I guess these things happen from time to time but now I’m going to be stuck with a large lot of 12 inch clothes that I bought especially for that doll because I normally only do regular kits and not little dolls… sorry just had to get it all out! sheesh! Any advice?

I’m sorry that happen. I really don’t have any advise for you but if you wanna sell the clothes I might want them. I made a Chloe baby for my niece and I need more clothes for her.

I agree with tell her the clothes were free. She paid for a custom doll (your time and artistic talent) the clothing and accessories are just freebees. If you know they fit and she saw photos-- she has a lot of nerve to pull a stunt like this. ESPECIALLY when its a doll size you normally dont work with.

Well, I emailed back and offered to give her a refund for the items she returns, so I’ll keep you all posted. Thank you ladies for the support!! When I get the clothes back I’ll post them for those of you who may be interested. I’ll be willing to make someone a good deal or trade since I can’t really use the clothes. thank you all!!!

Oh, I so understand your grief!! The stunts people pull!! They have no appreciation for the amount of work that goes into creating one of these babies and they sure as heck don’t want to pay what it is worth. The worst part is seeing another doll that is not anywhere near as good or with all the extras going for so much more…that;s when you just want to thrown in the towel!! I hope you can work out a deal with one of the ladies here and get some of your investment back!


If it were me, I would tell her that I know the clothing fits because I had tried every single one of them on the doll. Case closed. Tell her that is not a suitable reason for a return. That is"just what I would do", because after she pulled that stunt, I wouldn’t care if she bought again or not.

I have posted the little clothes on Ebay if anyone is interested in the auction. Here is the link! … 299wt_1248

thanks ladies for all your support