Sneak Peek of my sweet Laila


Couldn’t resist!
She won’t be together for a while since she’s going to get a stylish head of hair!
Isn’t she so sweet already?
Thanks for looking!
Katie Perry


I was just looking my kit over for any marks and I LOVE her wrinkly hands and feet. They look so nice.


Her limbs are EXCELLENT!!
I’m getting ready to say they are my favorite limbs ever.
She looks like she is Asian to me
A little bit
She’s so sweet


She actually looks really great bald too so now I’m conflicted


I have only sold one baldy and that was a Summer Rain. I do a lot of prisma hair on my cheaper kits though.


She is SOOO cute!!! :heart_eyes: You really did a gorgeous job on her! I’m working on mine right now. Having a little problem with the fingertips and toes not being smooth and paint pooling in the spots. Have you noticed this on yours?


omg, adorable!!! Look at her cute hands!!


She’s beautiful, Katie! :heart:


Thank you all!!
I didn’t have any issues with painting this kit fortunately


She is totally awesome! Do you use Genesis ?


She is so beautiful and looks so peaceful and calm


Your looks beautiful already.My Zuri and Laila came yesterday,now I want to start back painting.


great pinky tones on her …cant wait to see her finished!


Thank you!! Yes I use genesis


Thank you!


She’s lovely.




Nice smooth skin, are you going to root her hair and lashes?


Yes I am! I thought I had more mohair than I do, so I have to give her sparse hair. I really wanted to give her medium thickness
It will be dark brown


She has a nice dewy look did you use anything special on her? I love it!