Sneak peek at Erick the terrible!


Now I understand when reborners say that they had a very “hard labor” in manifesting their art creations. I am still not done putting ceramacoat inside his mouth and I want to do tears too. Having his body attached makes it easier for me to position and hold when I do that. I gave him short red eyelashes too and I put a kink in the front of his hair when rooting so the front swoops over and stands up a little. He is a big boy. The complications that I had at first, fixing the small crack in the back of the mouth in the throat, that is fixed fine. You cannot even tell and I did reinforce it on the other side with E6000 when I was sealing the hair. I put a large black piece of felt behind his nose too. The nose was the biggest ordeal so far in my short time of reborning since December. I can say that I am really pleased with this little boy. He has full legs too. I got his outfit at Penny’s on sale for a couple bucks and it was waiting hanging in the closet until he was done. He has a huge noggin! (head). Reminds me of my grandson Ezra when he was born. We were all in amazement of the size of his head being so large on his little body.
I have never had to give any kits any washes so far. I am pleased with his lovely complexion. I am sure that the hint of yellow ochre that I put in the flesh color helps.

I MUST BE BURNED OUT FROM ALL THE TRAVESTY THAT I HAD MAKING THIS BOY! The first body, 2nd picture I put him in is wrong. I put the WRONG body on him. I just could not figure out what was wrong until I went and checked my doll’s bodies and realized, wrong body!! The 2nd picture is his true body that come with him. It is so much better and fatter. I thought at first that I was not going to be able to fit that outfit back on him!!


Aww, he’s cute! He looks great after all your hard labor.


One very unhappy baby! You did great on his coloring and I love the way his hair falls!


Cute little guy - sure looks like he could use a bottle right about now!


He is SO cute!! I just want to pick him up and try to make him happy!!


erick the terrible? No way, look how cute and adorable he is! Kiss him for me!


So very cute, the mouth looks great!


cute little guy. he need a hug


Omg that baby could easily pass for my son in law Erick as a infant!!