Smilla WIP


Here’s baby Smilla so far! She’s been delightful to paint, and her little face just makes me so happy.I’ll take better pics after she’s been varnished and is ready to root. What color hair do you think would look good on her? I’ve got a few color but can buy more too when I buy Tinky’s hair.


Awwwww! She’s sweet :heart:


I picture her as a little blondie with just enough hair for a tiny bow :two_hearts:


She’s adorable.


She looks like darker skin baby on my screen, so may be light brown hair will suits her. And it will go with her eyes.


Cute, perfect eye color to!!


She’s not super dark, she’s pretty pinkish. These are just phone pics in bad light. Here’s one I just took, she just got varnished and is fresh out of the oven and cooling down. Her eyes have to be put in when the vinyl is hot because it’s too hard to do any other time.


She’s really cute, you’ve done a great job. Cant wait to see her all finished :slight_smile:


She has a lot of personality to her, now doesn’t she. Why am I feeling she needs to be a redhead? Sooo cute!!


Here is the one I did with blonde hair.


She’s precious! Did you find her arms to be too short? Mine looks like a t-rex with those little arms


I did. I don’t know why they are that short and it makes it hard to pose her for pictures. The lady that bought her thought her body was too long but it was the suggested body. If I had her to do over again, I would use different arms. I think that is what maybe made her body look too long.


Her body is weirdly long, she’s got a big head but her arms and legs are fairly short. She’s adorable but it’s definitely weird.


@MilosMeadows When I saw her sculpt I thought that those 3/4 arms. Do you think she would look more proportional with 3/4 body?


Nope, she’s definitely got full arms. There’s a curve at the top where the shoulder is. With different arms a 3/4 body would work but the arms she has wouldn’t work on a 3/4 at all.


I just pulled my Smilla kit out of the bin to look at her. She does have short arms. But her fingers are short too. Honestly, she looks like a baby with Down syndrome to me. Her eyes, the slanted pinky, the gap between the 1st and second toe…so short stubby limbs seem perfectly appropriate for her. I wouldn’t change a thing. :heart:


IMO She definitely has Down Syndrome and it just makes her so charming. I do love everything about her, she’ll just be tricky to pose. Everything about her is so cute that I don’t mind the short arms


Pebbles is tricky to pose too. I hated all the pictures I saw of her arms. Then I got my hands on her and those awkward arms seemed so perfect for her. Sometimes it’s just really hard to tell how precious a kit is unless you assemble it and hold that baby in your arms.


I agree!


She’s adorable. Maybe baby brown hair with blue eyes. Blonde hair would be cute too :slight_smile: