Quick question I just received a kit and I need to make the smell go away it smells like smoke. I had it sit in hot water with dish soap but it still smells any tips


If you use the spy glass at the top, you will find others have had the same problem. Hopefully something they listed will work for you.

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This forum already has lots of suggestions on this subject if you’ll do a search as @hyelah1990 said.


Soak the parts in vinegar, baking soda and very hot water.


Wash them on the top rack of your dishwasher (obviously nothing else in there) and use a dish washer tablet/powders. Turn off the heat dry cycle and remove the parts to air dry. This will remove most if not all the smell, depending on how bad it is. The combination of the heated water and the strong detergents in the dishwasher tablet/powders work pretty well.


The kit will not melt

Or leave a smell in the washer?

Top rack is away from heat element so it is fine.
I have washed several kits like this. No smell.

Did you get the smell out?

No :sob::sob:I am going to try again and if it does not work I will put it in the dishwasher.
I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar

That’s what I used. How much baking soda did you use? I had a doll that absolutely reeked of very strong perfume. It took an entire box of baking soda and half a bottle of vinegar to get the smell out. I’d try top rack of the dishwasher. Do you have a test part you could run through to try it? I totally understand your reluctance to put the whole kit in there.

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I don’t have a test part on hand :thinking: but I will try more of both items. If that does not work than I will have no choice and I will need to use the washer.
Also mine smells like smoke it’s so bad I can’t even go near it

The perfume in mine made my entire house smell. It made me cough it was so strong.

And this made it go away ?

It did, but I had to soak it for a long time and do it more than once. I didn’t think to try the dishwasher but I have boiled reborn heads to reshape them when they got squashed and they didn’t melt so the dishwasher probably wouldn’t melt the parts, either, as long as you use the top rack. @anjsmiles has done it more than once with no damage.

Ok thank you I will post a follow up tomorrow

Good luck and good night. I’m heading for bed.

I am telling you, dishwasher will help a lot if not take it all out.

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Ok I will go for it :grimacing::grimacing:

Ok everyone this is an update I put the kit in the dish washer and it helped a ton!!I am airing it out and going to smell it later so I can really see if it worked thank you everyone who has helped me