Smallest vinyl kit?

So lately I’m obsessed with tiny babies, but I’m afraid I’ll break a clay baby. What’s the smallest vinyl kit you know of?


I feel like maybe I saw something about a kit of 20 week gestation baby? Am I crazy or did I really see that? Not sure if that would appeal to you or not or if you are just looking for a miniature baby.

I have 14" Max that I am not interested to paint as I like larger babies. I can sell it to you for $25 + shipping.

The 6 inch ones are the tiniest that I know of. They are kind of hard to come by but just adorable. Marley by Marita Winters is the smallest easily available that I can think of. I believe she is 7 inches.


Do you know who sculpted/names of the six inch kits. I’d like to look at them. Marley was the smallest I found

I have a couple of them by Secrist.


Ugh! I need to find some!!

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They are so tiny and just precious.

I found this one for sale on Ebay …


Salia is very small, 10" I think

I just saw this little guy who was mentioned by @Phassell and thought Id post the link on Dolls so Real for you. He/she’s 7 1/2 inches

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MacPherson has quite a few tiny kits

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