Sleeping Joseph Weight

Hi All. I was wondering for those of you that reborned Sleeping Joseph, how much did he weight? The reason I ask is because mine is already 7 pounds and that’s just his limbs. Is that too much? What would be the perfect weight for him?

Thank you for your input. It is always appreciated.

I hope you meant 3 month sleeping Joseph, not newborn Joseph, lol.
He should weight around 9-10 lb, otherwise he will be too heavy for carrying the ‘dead’ weight. How full did you fill his limbs with glass beads?

Hi Yelena. Yes I meant him lol. I filled the limbs a little above half way and then stuff them with Polyfill. I then filled the body with mostly Polyfill and just a bit of glass beads. Should I put glass beads on the head or just Polyfill?

I just filled mine’s limbs to below the knees and elbows then stuffed tight with polyfil. The body had a total of 3 baggies of glass beads…one in each butt cheek and one in the chest area. They were a little smaller than a tennis ball. His head was just packed with polyfil. He felt good but not too heavy. The buyer was happy with how he felt.


About 8 LBS in total anything else will be way too heavy to hold. I fill the arms up to the wrist and legs up to the ankles with glassbeads.

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Mine ended up weighing about 8.5 lbs

Weighting toddlers or big babyies I am using plastic pellets instead of glass beads .


Thank you ladies. Mine is weighing 10.9oz right now lol. Every time I look at her, she makes me smile. I’ve never done a chunky doll before and I just love her. Didn’t seal the limbs yet just in case I want to change the weight later. Thanks for the input.


I have made several and all were around 8 1/2 pounds which actually feels quite heavy when you carry him around.

Mine weighed 9lbs and was impossible to pick up but that’s what her mom wanted. She sucked to hold lol