Sleeping Jenny, my first reborn

Hello, I am new here and I just finished my first reborn. I would love to hear your opinions. I see things I will do different on my next one. Also I haven’t went clothes shopping yet. She’s wearing the cap and sleepers my daughter came home from the hospital in lol

Update: I found a couple more pics that might show better detail. Thanks.



She is beautiful, you did a great job!

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Wow! I think it’s the third new introduction today!

Welcome to the forum! Seems like you did a great job on your first baby!
It’s hard to pick up details from a such small picture, though, if you are looking for improvement advises.

Ok I will have to take more tomorrow. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Welcome, she is beautiful!

Congrats !! Welcome to reborning . Your baby is beautiful.

Did anyone told you this hobby is very addictive? In no time you will have many kits in stock .

Thank you so much. I’m already addicted, can’t wait to start my next one!

Thank you!

You did a great job!

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Thank you!

That is awesome, wish my first baby looked that nice!

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I think her eyebrows are a bit thick and dominant otherwise she looks great for a first!!

Great job! :heart_eyes:

Adorable great job!

Welcome Susan. Looks awesome!

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first!

Welcome! Great job!

Beautiful skin…the mottling looks great…I think the eyebrows need to be a bit higher…If you can remove some of the eyebrow on the bottom halves it would place them correctly and would be thinner… Otherwise great job! LOL my first reborn in 2003 was a Berenguer super hard vinyl!! Nothing as realistic as those of today…

Thank you. I didn’t realize the eyebrows was that large and thick till I finished her and took her outside lol. I was wondering how I could redo them without stripping the kit.