Sleek hairstyle


Photo from Jacqueline Kramer

Das some of these sleek baby hairstyles and wondering how they do it.
The rooted haires are longer?
My rooted haisrstyles are messy :grinning:
Thanks your help


It almost looks like it’s been painted!
I’d say it’s high quality mohair that’s been rooted very flatly against the head, with some water or conditioner to flatten it even more.


Alpaca. Jackie has been using alpaca which is very fine and straight.


Yes Looks like painted :grinning::grinning:
Trank your for your answer. :heart:️:heart:️


Oh cool, thanks alot :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


This hair is rooted then glued down. It’s called applied hair.


As far as I know @Jacky doesn’t do the applied hair technique


Spray your mohair as you go then when you finish with no more tears or conditioner and water in a spray bottle. BB makes a great spray.


What is the applied hair technuque ?


It’s rooted hair that is glued down on the outside of the head so it stays styled permanently.


Applied hair is when you root mohair then style it and glue it down. So it’s glued styled.


Thanks alot! This Technique is very new for ne. There some examples here in this Form?


Using the search feature should give you some. I think it looks best rooted first. Here is my 2nd time. Sparser rooting


Okay thanks for the hint and the pics :grinning::grinning::joy: