Skin texture

I know a lot of artists out there have said that they do not like adding skin texture to their babies. I LOVE IT!!! Only on my second baby now and I thought I would give it a try, since my baby seemed to be a bit on the “red” side. I was hoping it would tone down the color a bit. So not only did it save my coloring but it seemed to give the baby that “3D” skin! I am absolutely in love with the technique. I seen a tutorial on Facebook, but I didn’t have exactly the same “ingredients” so I kinda winged it with what I had. I thought at first I had added to much skin tone to the mix, but it actually helped tone down the red, and added to the look of real skin. It isn’t smooth, but not at all rough, it actually feels like real skin!!

I combined BB “Thick Medium Extender”, Flesh 08, and liquid paint thinner until I got the consistency of thin glue. I used an old paint brush that was hard in the center and only the tips of the bristles were soft. I pounced the brush in the mixture, then pounced the brush on the the face/neck/arms/legs, NOT the head were I would be rooting. You keep pouncing until you see no color left. The skin will look dewy until dry. While still wet, when you angle it in the light you can see the texture, and any areas you may have missed. When dry it will have the dimensional look to it. I do recommend as the tutorial states to do the limbs in stages. I did mine in 3. First the hands, then forearm, and so on. Prop them if you need to while baking. This way the texture doesn’t get messed up. I used cosmetic wedges for props.

I thinkthat is my biggest fear - ending up with a rough baby! I may have to see if I can try that someday when I’m sealing a kit. Sometimes the air dry paints can leave a shine. I’ve quit trying to thin with thinner because of it.

You guys did a great job. That is something to try for sure.