Skin texture tool

Somewhere online recently i saw a reborn skin texture tool and …paint?? It was to give baby skin a more realistic texture. Has anyone used it? What do you think? I cant remember where i saw it, either, if anyone can point me in the right direction please

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Wow it looks really cool! I googled it and it looks like you cant touch it for under 35.00 I need to start selling some of these babies

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I am not sure there has been feedback from anyone that has really been excited about it though!!

“Precious Little Baby Dust Skin Texture Tool”. What a fancy way to say a wrinkle stamp, lol.

I achieve the same effect with matte finish, a kabuki brush, a boars stiff hair brush and a fan brush. Just tab and dab away on it with the fan and boars brush…after it dries tap it down with the kabuki brush, then bake. If it’s not wrinkly enough add another layer.

If you are creative, You can also carve out your own wrinkle stamp with a big pink eraser. Cost $1.

I was wondering if a craft store like michaels might have a stamp that would give the same wrinkly look…for like $10. Or maybei could look on amazon

I happen to like the look it makes. Ive been trying to find a stamp…no luck…not sure i could carve my own although its a great idea

I have the tool and I am not crazy about it!