Since Thanksgiving is upon us

I thought I’d share this with all of you. It’s not my words but I really like it.
Be thankful for the clothes that fit too tight because it means
you have enough food to eat.
Be thankful for the mess you clean up after a party because it
means you have been surrounded by friends.
Be thankful that your lawn that needs mowing and your windows need
fixing because it means you have a home.
Be thankful for your heating bill because it means you are warm.
Be thankful for the laundry because it means you have clothes to
Be thankful for the lady who sings off key in church because
it means you can hear.
Be thankful people complain about the government
because it meas we have freedom of speech.
Be thankful for the alarm that goes off every morning because
it means you’re alive.



So very true!..I second the AMEN!

I love it!!! Thank you Jean!!!:heart:

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I third or fourth the amen!

Starr, I was visiting your website. (It’s beautiful) What do you use to gloss the eyelids and lips on your babies? They look amazing! And where do you buy your eyes? Some of your open eyed babies look just wonderful!

(Sorry to hijack the thread. I have been waiting for our STARR to appear so I could ask her those things. I’m grateful I caught her, LOL There that was on theme!)


Don’t write on the walls, you bad girl. Mama will have to take your crayons away!


Thanks so much Helen…there is a conglomeration of years on that site…lol I use Aleenas for the lids and lips but I smudge it with my finger…lol I don’t like just a wet look that has edges (though it may look like some of them do have very wet look in the photos because of the way the flash catches it)…I paint the rim of the lids and corners and then use my finger to smudge it outward so that it blends into the rest and only leaves the real wet look in the eye corners or outer eyes and the same with the mouth…leave the wet look towards the inner part of the lips and smudge outward to give a soft moist look without being really wet…I also add a little on the outer nostrils and smudge it toward the tip of the nose but I definitely make sure that I tap that in well so that it is just a very light sheen and not shiny… :smile:

Most all the eyes are either eyeco acrylic or German full round glass…I rarely use anything else…


thank you for sharing all that Starr! You are a sweet lady. I can’t wait to try the smudge on the lids and lips!



Starr, what is the name of your site? I want to visit like Helen did!!!

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Thanks for sharing Helen

Hi Lynn…it is

You should be able to click on this link and it will take you there or just copy and paste into your search bar…

Thank You Starr, can’t wait to go view all your work.

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