Silly Question But Does Anyone Have A Maizie Arcello Kit For Sale?

I would be forever grateful if anyone here has a spare Maizie Arcello kit for sale… :pray:


I would love her as well!! Come on people, someone has to have an extra five or so just laying around. :wink:


Haha! Look on vinyl doll kits for sale on facebook they had 2 posted the other day one was$249 the other was $180 plus shipping. I bought mine from there also new in box she had never been opened but I got a great deal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like the one for 180 has already sold and the one for $249 someone is talking to the seller about now so maybe I am of no help after all lol.

1 Like found this blank kit on ebay goodluck

2 Likes this is also one from ebay but it’s in Canada.


I have her listed on ebay, but I may part with my other one for the right offer. For those of you who feel bad about the inflated prices of her kits, I want you to know that the proceeds of this particular sale are going to pay it forward. I am sending a bouncer and pacifiers to a little girl to help her Make-A-Wish reborn baby shower wish come true. The remaining will go to prepare for Bunnyfest (a charity event for The Rabbit Haven rescue in CA).


They won’t let me says “closed group”

The vinyl kits for sale group on fb? If so just submit a request I can give Bobbie your name if it is already pending.

yes. I put I a request

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