I am really excited to announce the release of our FIRST SILICONE KIT!

Finally, a genuine Bountiful Baby Realborn® kit in PLATINUM SILICONE at an UNHEARD of price!

Silicone kits are $700 to $850 per kit elsewhere. We are introducing our own silicone kits at $395 for a limited time!

Silicone is a different medium than vinyl-- more expensive than vinyl, but preferred by many.

You will see this kit prominently displayed on our home page:

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


On April 8, 2022 we contracted with EAG Laboratories in Liverpool, NY to test our new Silicone doll kits. The results came back that our Silicone had a concentration of 13 parts per million of the element Pt (Platinum).

On April 14, 2020 we contracted again with EAG Laboratories to test a piece of Ecoflex 20 platinum cured silicone. Ecoflex 20 is a popular brand of platinum silicone that most sculptors use to produce their doll kits. The results came back that the Ecoflex 20 silicone had a concentration of 7 parts per million of the element Pt (Platinum).

Both the Ecoflex and our Silicone tests showed negligible amount of tin - less than 1 part per million.


This is so exciting! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing all the painted silicone versions

Are you going to be carrying the paints and supplies?


I’m waiting for open eyes and open hands!

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Ohhhh do how easily do arms and legs and head turn with no rings?

Maybe they don’t?

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You can put rings on silicone limbs and head. Some casters include them with their kits.

I have seen the question posed on the BB FB page announcement asking where these kits are poured. Are they poured by BB or a company in China? I too would like to know that before I would consider purchasing.


Thank you good to know

Will these also be sold by shops in the European union? Import taxes would be insane on them, but I’d love to buy one.

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I saw this posted on the FB page so I am glad to have this reassurance about where the silicones are made and approximate time they have been poured. Thank you!

Bountiful Baby

In response to several of the questions that are being asked. Our silicone kits are produced overseas by 2 different factories. One is a factory that we have been working with for several years now to produce some of our vinyl kits. The other factory that is producing our Darrin siliconed was a silicone company that had not previously manufactured silicone dolls. We worked with these companies over the course of 2 years to get the silicone product we were looking for. We researched companies that were already doing silicone dolls and found that most of them were making counterfeit kits. We did not send any molds to any of those companies. We will continue to monitor the situation as we are very concerned about this widespread and serious counterfeiting issue.

These kits were all recently produced. They arrived in our warehouse about a week ago and we anticipate it won’t be long before this shipment sells out.

We may decide to post our actual testing results as to the Platinum and Tin, but the person who had the testing done and took receipt of the results is not in the office right now.

Thanks so much for your interest in our products. Denise Pratt


Is the sale decreasing steadily? It was $395 last I checked and now it’s $475.97

They said it would only be on sale for a little bit

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I still see $395?

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I see that again too, I got worried when I checked it the other night and it had gone up.


Sounds like a great price for a silicone kit.

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I noticed Darren is still not listed any more. I think they said he was being made at a place new to pouring silicone. I hope it is all ok. He was the the one I was most interested in.