Silicon eyes

I’m new to this forum so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I have some questions about the silicon eyes. Do they hold the glue for eyelashes as well as others? Also, can I apply glaze or baby tears to them?

Thanks for any help,

Hi Victoria, NO, please don’t put anything on the Silicon eyes! To do so would ruin them, first of all there made of soft silicon, reflecting light and looking very real. As far as the eyelashes, I glue them onto the( lip of the eyelid) and never on the eye itself, if they are silicon. These eyes are soft, and you can usually pop them into the eye sockets from the front by squeezing them together like a contact lens and inserting them. I put water on them just to make them slide into the sockets easy. This is the nice thing about this type of eye and they always fit snug if they are the right size. These type of eyes are sized a little different from the poly type eyes. Hope this helps.

Thank you. I really appreciate your info. It is really helpful to me. I haven’t used the silcone eyes before and have had these for a while. I’m going to use them on the sculpt, Kendal and I think it’s sculpted by Pat Moulton. Thanks again.


So glad I could help with this. On applying the eyelashes check out a new post on mine in the [Reborn Tips & Question’s] section of this site. It would work good for doing the eyelashes for your silicon eyes, because, the glue goes on the ridge of the eyelid and not on the eye itself. This glue should wipe off the silicon with a wet q-tip and not damage the eyes If you get any on the eyes while working on them. Just be sure to get it off before it drys, it’s water soluble.