Silcone Baby Question

I have a mini silicone baby and she has some fuzz on her - how do I clean her without messing her up? I’ve heard some people give them alcohol baths, but I want to be sure before I try anything.

my Mom always used a baby wipe on hers -I also have some sil cone models of unborn babies and they get fuzz and dirt on them sometimes -Ihave always washed them in mild soap and water -I dont know if this is the right thing or not but they are about 12 years old and still like new!!!

Wash it in mild soap and water and once dry, dust it with cornstarch. That should help keep the dust bunnies from attaching to her. Don’t use baby powder talc as that will make it shiny.

Thanks Gina and Cher…especially the part about the cornstarch - I’m gonna have to get some!!

i have a solid silicone baby…you undress her and wipe her with a none alchol (SP) wipe…then i mix cornstartch wth a small amount of baby powder and use a makeup blush brush and dip it in the cornstartch/powder mix and pat it off on the side of the plate i have the mix in just like you would do with makeup then pounce it like you would do the blush for yourself…and make sure you keep dipping and do all parts face and limbs…this will give her the baby smell but will also keep the gunk off of her…i do this about once a month…more if she is held alot…

Thank you so much Carmen and Fran!! GREAT tips!!