Sick of orange

that would tick me off too! i got a gray 1st quality nod, ive never done a gray, i am guessing lots of warmth with flesh tones?

Hi thank you for the ideas for gray tone!~
i just visited your shop and its beautiful! i added it to my favs

In the BB posts ay the top you will find a little explanation on the vinyl color. BB uses several different companies so it does vary slightly. Worth reading the post.

This is why i love coming here i learn new things all the time, i never knew about washes, gray and orange vinyl. So here is my question reguarding washes. Are these washes more thined down than i would have when i paint? If i understand right i would apply 2 flesh washes then go to 2 yellow washes and then finally the 1 rusty red wash. can i use something else than a rusty red wash? I put a green wash on should i put the yellow over that? This is too confusing!!!
I sooooooooooooooooooooooo agree that all vinyl should be a neutral color so there would be no washes needed. But maybe that would cost more to do.

Here’s the link to what I was talking about. It announces Gena and Gabriel and below that is about the vinyl color.