Showing my past baby

I wanted to share one of my older babies on here! I made her back in 2015 and she won an award at the rose doll show that year too! :blue_heart: she’s the perfect baby to pose for pictures too :heart_eyes:


She is devine!

She is just the sweetest! What sculpt is this?

I think this is a Blick baby, but can’t remember the name. So adorable!

ETA: I think it’s Mihrimah Blick.

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Love her💕

I was thinking this was your first contact with ROSE this year. So you have been in the past? You did a good job on the baby.

I went to the 2015 and the 2016 shows, then kinda dropped offf the face of the doll world and just started painting again this February :slight_smile:


Oh, OK… I see. I was just curious.

Well I am glad you are back your babies are exquisite!

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She’s beautiful

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Totally fricken gorgeous. I am a fan!

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Your babies’ skin tones look so real!

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Beautiful. I was glad to see this kit because I thought I just purchased it. However, I got Angeli by Elisa Marx. They look really close. I had to do a few double takes.

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