Showing Ashley Asleep

Here is my Ashley Asleep!
Trying to raise the price of my dolls, my fingers are crossed,found out I need to get braces at the age of 32. They are extremely expensive, so I’m hoping to raise a good down payment.
(Sorry- little vent inserted here lol)

Back to dolls-
Here is the lovely Ashley Asleep


She is beautiful. Good luck! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you!! :heart:

Your babies are spectacular! I am not certain what you charge but I do not sell a B.B. kit for less than $400. now. I just sold my Johanna for $525.00. All full box openings. Your babies are definitely worth more!!



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Beautiful sweet baby girl

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She’s beautiful! I love the perfect thickness of hair You achieved! I aspire to that, but always root way too thick!

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Another beautiful baby from your nursery, Katie! :heart_eyes:

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She is perfection! I really think you can increase prices, your dolls are amazing and so is your rooted hair. The market is so insane though, I see dolls that appear to be low quality selling for as much or more than some really nice quality babies. I don’t understand it at all! Hope your venture into orthodontics goes well!


Thank you so much, I hope she sells at that price point!