Show off your keeper babies?

I’m trying to get to know everyone better here, and I thought it’d be fun to see everyone’s collection! I would start it off with my Rosebud, but she might have a new mommy soon. :wink: Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous pics!


I didn’t reborn this one, She was my birthday/christmas gift


Hi Izzy, Here are some of my bubs…


Aw I love them all!

i have three i cant part with my first is the megan kit because she now he was the first reborn i did
my second is the gemma kit
and my last one is a kit from china i bought her off ebay before i knew about stolen sculpts and i wouldnt sell her because im not sure then i fell in love with her

<img src="/uploads/db4141/5199/9dbdf1fd93518e9e.JPG" width=“669”


This is my keeper. He is made from the Meg kit by Pat Moulton. His name is Roman. He is a memory baby for my son that I never met. He was too beautiful for earth. So I made a doll to remember him by


Megan kit not Meg sorry :slight_smile:

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Aw, he’s precious! I’m sorry for your loss, but what a beautiful baby you have to remember him by!

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Thank you Izzy :heart:

This is my 4th baby, Nia (Megan Moultan).

This is my 7th baby, Marissa (Aubrey Pratt).


Everyone’s babies are adorable! Keep them coming!

I have 4 keepers. Maria (Shyann Peterson) is the very first reborn I made.

Briley (Lola Stoete) is my primary show baby. I fell in love with this one and just couldn’t sell her.

Chloe (Honey RuBert) is a keeper.

And last, but certainly not least is Ella Grace (Paisley Pratt).


That’s an impressive first reborn!

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Thanks. Her hair wasn’t particularly good so I keep a hat on her.

I agree with Izzy…what an awesome first baby!!! :slight_smile:

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Amy, I just adore your Aubrey. I want to squeeze her! :smile:

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Thank you, Bette! I’ll give her a squeeze for you! :wink: :slight_smile:

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Sorry, should have read the title better…I thought we were supposed to post just some of our work we had sold so Izzy could ‘get to know us better’…DUH Starr!!! I only actually have one keeper of my own work at the moment…and I have changed his eyes to brown since the photos but anyway, sorry for the other photos, just scratch them…they don’t live here anymore…


Haha no it’s fine. I love your work anyways!