Show me your Zuri's - Awake and Asleep!


Just want some inspiration!


I don’t care for Zuri awake but I have painted Zuri asleep.


Here is my Zuri




This is the one I just did as a Christmas gift for our Pastor’s daughter.


I wish I had a better picture on hand! This one I donated for a liver transplant benefit



She looks a lot like my niece’s baby when she was born. I bought the awake and asleep versions but I haven’t seen many painted of her


This is a picture her Mommy took of her once she was home, she’s a better photographer than I am LOL. She also makes clothes for dolls.


Just wondering if Logan is Zuri’s brother? Do you know who is related to whom lol Some are obvious but some aren’t mentioned but look so much alike.


She’s adorable! I wish I could root hair! Love Zuri with dark hair!


Thank you! You can do it I know you can, you are a very artistic talented lady!! I just started painting another Zuri yesterday. I find rooting therapeutic.


You are so sweet :grin:. I don’t have any confidence plus I don’t like sitting so long. I dont know. Maybe someday. I bet your rooting is wonderful!!



After I finish the Skya twins I’m going to start another Zuri and Aria.


She’s Adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here’s my Zuri with painted hair


She’s adorable! What a sweet baby! I can’t wait to get started on another Zuri! She’s on the table waiting lol


Here’s my Zuri! One of my very first babies :grimacing: