Show me you Aurora Sky, Atticus and Journey


I would love to see some of your LLE sculpts. I have these 3 but havent touched them yet. They will probably all be keepers to show as models but I need some inspiration. :blush:



What a gorgeous baby!


Thank you! He was for sale but now sitting in my collection, sigh




Here are my Aurora Skyes (2) and Atticus


I love atticus as a girl! At first all I saw was boy, I love how she looks


They are all gorgeous! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This one I just finished another of her but haven’t decided wether to root or paint hair as yet.


Thank you!


Here is the Aurora Sky I did for my sister for Christmas. Hair rooted by @Blissfulbabies.

Here is my Journey created by Sharron Hoffman from South Africa

And here is my Atticus created by the wonderful @Blissfulbabies.

I also have Quinlynn, Indie and Miracle


Ohhhhhh! I am totally jealous of your LLE collection!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you! I wasn’t going to collect but it just kinda wound up being LLE dolls. Miracle and Indie I did myself and they are my show babies. Quinlynn was created by Jane Cotsamire. Oh and I have a Kami Rose created by Albie Wentzel. Dang how did I forget her lol.


I’m loving your collection and very jealous. Your painting and rooting are both beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to reborn Atticus and root Aurora Sky. I absolutely LOVE LLE kits too.
I also love all the props you’ve put with our little man Atticus.


I am not really a collector either but my daughter has a collection. In fact she has one of yours I think!!! We got him in a swap. :wink: If I was to collect, they would probably all end up being LLE sculpts. Lol


Awe yes! You have Owen! I loved him!!

I swear I’ve got to be LLE biggest fan lol. None of her dolls I ever sell. They all wind up being mine or I’ll get other artists to do them. LOL


Atticus and Indie are with me today in Orlando with Cassidy and Julie


Yes! He is her all time favorite. She says he just so snuggly compared to her other reborns. :blush:


That makes me happy :-). I am glad he is loved!


I will be taking Aurora to the doll show in Kansas with me. I have atticus on the shelf and I thnk Journey lol or I may have done Journey cant remember