Shout out to Bountiful Baby


Sorry I couldn’t find an appropriate place I could say this, but i just want to give a huge shout out to Bountiful Baby, the speed in which they ship is truely amazing.
I’m in NZ and it only takes days to get my orders, it’s takes twice as long getting stuff from our neighbouring country yet BB can get their supplies across the world in under time by all other suppliers. I can’t even get supplies from within NZ any quicker.

Just want to say how appreciative I am for your amazing business.

Well done
Stork Beak Nursery
New Zealand


I agree even if I order on a Saturday they are always to my house by 8 am Monday morning. During holidays it still has never taken more then 3 days. I love their customer service, just as much as the fast shipping.


BB is absolutely the best! Totally agree:)


Yes I am a very satisfied customer too! Thanks @bountifulbaby for being so Awesome!


Same here! My order shipped very fast! Happy happy!


Same here. They’re so fast, it’s in Europe in 7 days.
I’ve once ordered from a store in my country because I thought it would be quicker. It took 6 days. :joy:


i can’t get over how quick it got here, it was only sent Friday and I got here this Tuesday morning super fast. It takes longer to get my local supplies, it was a bit quicker this time, usually takes a week


I absolutely agree BB are super fast at shipping my only problem is at my end where parcels get held up in customs for a few days, downside of living on a little island halfway between France and UK!


Yes they’re fast, but the customs are often not…it’s take me between 4 to 8 days for me to receive my parcel, that’s great.


I agree…they are so fast on shipping!! :slight_smile: