Should I use wig

I have almost finished Elora the head is not yet attached and eyes not glued. I am disappointed as she is very dolly looking but that’s down to me as I’m the one that painted her. Up until now I have always rooted my dolls whatever their size but wondered about using a wig this time as I have one that has been in my stash for ages but wanted to get your opinions before I give in and start rooting.


I think she’s s great candidate for that wig, looks sweet!!

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I think she looks lovely, it’s a very nice wig!

I like the wig. It suits her.

A wig it is as I have sent the photo to a regular customer of mine and Elora is now sold!


If anyone could pull off a wig like this, it’s her!

The wig seems appropriate for that type of doll and looks perfect for her. Go with it!

Good call. That wig is adorable on her. :heart: